Board of Fire Commissioners

Fire Commissioners are elected officials responsible for providing general direction in the areas of finance and policy for a fire district.  The commissioner term is six years.

Grant County Fire District #3 Commissioners meet at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the main headquarters station located at 1201 Central Ave S., Quincy, Washington 98848. Copies of meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained by clicking District Documents

Grant County Fire District #3 has three elected commissioners.  They currently are: Keven Gardner, Carl Yeates, and Alan Williamson.


Commissioner Keven Gardner was elected to the Board in 1989. Commissioner Gardner served as a resident volunteer with Federal Way Fire Department for one year and, prior to serving on the board, he was a volunteer firefighter with Grant County Fire District #3 for 10 years.

Commissioner Alan Williamson, newly elected (in 2011), begins his six term in January 2012.  Commissioner Williamson is in the agricultural business and has served as a volunteer firefighter in the district since 2005 and currently is a Captain at St. #34.


Commissioner Carl Yeates.